Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 6: MTC- Accidents Happen

Dear people who wanted to hear from me,

I am sorry to report that this is last time I will write you from the MTC. I say this because I am leaving this safe, English-speaking place for a couple of islands in the middle of nowhere. And I couldn't be more ready (not). I'm actually quite nervous, but I'm going to go with a good attitude! I'll smile the whole way down if I can. I was talking to a friend I met here who's been in Fiji for two weeks. He said he's been fine and even though the language is hard, it's a good time. So that gives me hope! Nothing super funny happened this week that I remember. That's just life ya know? Oku ou ikai ke mateuteu, ka te u fiefia. It's crazy to think I’m actually at this point in my life.
Anyway, so about my week. I was able to do hosting. That’s where you pick up new missionaries and show them to their room and class. That was fun; I met an elder from Weston, Idaho. Other than that, it's just been class. I taught my last lessons to my fake investigators, and my last Skype session is today at 6.20. I'm going to chat with real Tongans this time. Last time, the weather or something was bad in Tonga, so we Skyped our teacher’s friends who were returned missionaries from Tonga. I'm not very nervous for Skyping anymore because if I can't understand them, my companion and I will just freeze and pretend the internet doesn't work or we can't hear them or something like that. I'm kidding, but the thought has crossed my mind. I've tried to talk to people here from Tonga, there are a lot of them, and if they speak slowly I do okay. If they speak quickly it's like a whole other language. Luckily, since I’m Palangi (it means like white man or American), everyone will understand that I am bad at speaking and stuff. Supposedly they will love me like crazy and help me if I am trying to learn, so that's comforting.
We are supposed to teach people to have enough faith to be baptized. I'm trying to teach myself to have enough faith to go through with this. I know it will all be fine and God will watch out for me, but it's a lot to take in haha. This morning I had a serious surprise when my dad "accidentally" went to the same temple session as me. It was great though and now I feel a lot better.

Elder Sitaki

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