Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 8: Office- The Reasons Tonga is Totally Awesome

Kau kakai.

Malo e lelei! Fefe hake kimoutolu? So today was a really good day. We started off by waking up early, and with permission from the president, we went out of area and to the beach. It was really sweet; we visited the blowholes. I'll include some pictures. So this week has been really good! It’s been hard, but good. In the office I am learning how to do stuff. I'm starting to get more responsibility and being able to do more things. I am the secretary, so I do everything besides finances pretty much. I don't have a car; my area is literally across the street, but that's okay. It’s pretty hot here; I sweat like crazy through everything. The humidity is bad too, especially right before it rains, and right after the rain if the sun is hot. We do a lot of walking from house to house. The work in my area consists of visiting members and committing them to bring an investigator for a certain date. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. But we are faithful and obedient and we will keep working towards our goals. The benefit to the member-only area-no one ever kicks us out and everyone speaks English. I try to speak in Tongan as much as I can, but sometimes I really can't speak. The 2 wards we cover are English wards. 2 of the 3 in all of Tonga, so I don't learn as fast there either, but I’m trying really hard and I think I’m improving pretty fast.
So my companion's name is Elder A, He's from Riverton, Utah and he's pretty chill. Last week we had this great experience with Elder Pearson. He spoke in general conference a while ago. He is our area presidency for the South Pacific. He's super funny, but really, really smart and really spiritual and we had a great meeting with him. Also we've had some success in preaching the gospel, our friend S who works at the security booth in Liahona. He’s pretty receptive. He doesn't really do our commitments though which is frustrating. People in Tonga don't like to say no, so he always says he will read and I think he's pretty serious but maybe not. He said he read when we called him though so maybe we've hit some luck.
Tonga is totally awesome.
1.    Dogs everywhere.
2.    If hungry, the people will eat the dogs.
3.    On Christmas the bishop said he'd cook dog for me.
4.    Everyone asks if you've eaten, if you ever say no, be prepared for lots of food. The feasts here are huge. Way more food than anyone ever really wants so lots to eat.
I've done some pretty funny things in Tonga since I’ve been here. One funny thing, I was saying a prayer with my companion, and I accidentally asked to bless us to do adultery tomorrow. He told me after the prayer and we got a good ole laugh out of that one! Another time, during a lesson with S, I must've zoned off pretty good. I was doing pretty well understanding the lesson, but I guess I got distracted. It was after the lesson and I didn't think we had prayed so I asked S to offer the prayer, he looked at me funny and said we've already prayed and everyone started looking at me. I was like "wait what??" Everyone busted up hard core. In Tonga people love to laugh and make jokes, sometimes at your expense, but they never try to offend and I ended up laughing too. BTW I met the Tonga version of Daryl Conley. If Daryl were as tan as this guy, they’d be twins. That's all I got, I’ll send some pictures. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Elder Sitaki

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