Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 14: Office- My Christmas package came!

Dear Family and friends,
Thanks for all the emails this week, especially thank you for the pictures! I love seeing pictures of snow and cousins and stuff like that. News wise, I heard Bricon is moving to Nampa. Is that true? It sounds pretty cool!
My week has been pretty good, pretty uneventful. Actually that's a lie. We got some missionary work done! I was really excited. During one of our days we were visiting members and everything was falling through, so we decided to go to the last person we planned to visit. I had felt good about it for some reason the night before when we were planning so we decided to pay them a visit. There was a person staying there whose older sister was active and baptized into the church, but the younger sister wasn't. She was really excited to talk about the church however. She's 12 year's old and her name is L. We are going over there later tonight to teach a lesson. Hopefully it goes well.
         A cool thing about Tonga; I'll have to get a better picture, but they have big bats here that come out in the evening to eat. They are about the size of a small Jack rabbit. The people call them flying foxes because they are so big. I'd say they have about a 2 1/2 foot wingspan. You see them every night all over the place flying around. I tried to hit one with a rock but I missed. I'll get a good picture if I can.
We got the storm this week. Man it rained a lot. There was a couple times I would come home just soaked to the bone, dripping wet. When it rains here, it usually rain's sideways, and man it’s a lot. It was only a couple days so I liked the change from hot to cold. Also, it can get really cold when you’re drenched and the wind is blowing. I don't care how warm the rain is, it's freezing!! Other than that it's been an average week. I got my Christmas box. I loved everything in it!! Thank you mom! The best gift I got was the photo album with the pictures. Now I have stuff I can show my companions about how crazy I was before my mission. Lots of you don't know the stories, but there are some pretty awesome and not so awesome things that happened. I finally took a picture with a member, I’ll send it and you can see some of the people. The older guy is Brother V. He's super cool! The other guy is a maybe investigator. He said he was already baptized, but with everyone here we have to check their record because a lot of people don't submit records and we don't know if he's been baptized or not. This is salvation, so we don't take chances.
That's all I’ve got for the week! I love it when you send me emails, mail, and pictures. Someone should take pictures of the Job sites for Bricon.

Elder Sitaki

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