Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 12: Office- First Christmas in Tonga

Dear Family, friends, and girls,

I'm really glad you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you didn't, I really hope you will have a good New Year. We are all children of God and he loves us, so you’ve got that too. I had a pretty good Christmas I guess. It was very different. So normally around Christmas you feel the excitement in the air, and everyone is a little happier. Everyone here is a littler happier too I guess, but it's quite a bit hotter and that's all you feel in the air. I've sweated more than I ever have before during Christmas, but it was good! The highlight of the week was probably getting to talk to my family! I miss you guys so much, it didn't seem like I got to talk very long but that's okay. I should be obedient to the rules and that's a good thing. After I Skyped I went to the Bishop's house and had a huge meal. We had lots of meat, raw fish, and kumala. They even had turkey!!! Turkey is really, really expensive in Tonga and hard to come by. It's supposedly a family tradition of theirs to bring turkey to friends and family during Christmas. After we ate a lot, we got some presents! The bishop's family gave us a Tongan T shirt and some candy and some other stuff! I was super happy and I’m very thankful to the F family. I should've taken a picture with them, oh well. We planned for our next week and then visited some members that were home.
As far as missionary work this week, I don't think much happened. I hate to say that but we didn't really find much success. Our investigator's kind of disappeared and everyone was busy. However, we are very excited because we have a new goal! The mission president and stake president worked out a goal from now until May, of 100 people to learn and be baptized per stake. I'm really excited to talk about this with members. We did the math and it’s about 1 baptism per family per ward. That's entirely possible! We know that our mission president is inspired of God and so we are going to have faith and work really hard to achieve this. We planned out how to talk about it and use it with members in our weekly planning session and we had a lot of laughs because my companion kept saying "THE GOAL" in a Batman voice. We talked about how we can use it all sorts of places and it was really funny, good times.
 Anyway, I have to tell everyone, sorry, no I haven't had the opportunity to eat horse or dog yet. A family I know had dog for Christmas but I missed it because I was at the bishops. Horses are really expensive as I’m sure you can all guess and Tonga isn't overflowing with money, so it's a very special occasion to eat horse and I haven't quite had it yet.
That's all I’ve got for right now. We had some pretty killer sunsets; I’ll send pictures so y'all can have backgrounds for stuff. Y'all should write me about how your Christmas was and what's going on!


Elder Sitaki

Some members gave me raw peanut to eat (they are delicious) and I planted one for fun. It's growing into a great plant and it was my Christmas tree this year.

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