Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 22: Office- Service Project

Dear kakai,

How are all of you? I've been doing wonderful! Actually, that's a lie. My life has been full of wonder, but sometimes it's the bad wonder; like I wonder why I’m so stupid, or stuff like that. I forgot to write down from my journal what happened this week so I will do my best to summarize, but I’ll be missing lots of stuff. Let’s see, no crazy food, but I learned how to make Topai. It’s like boiled flour and coconut; kind of weird- not tasty at first, but man, now I like it. I ate it until I was like 98% sure I was going to vomit….like I could feel it coming. I can't wait until I am home and I can make all this stuff for my friends and family. You will all probably think it's gross. Everyone should see if there is a way to get green coconuts in Idaho; like the husk is still green or old ones, those work too. The Tongans use coconuts in everything they cook so it's a useful ingredient.
We got to do something that was exciting. We got to vilo hoa with the AP's, which means companion exchange. I got to go to another village and meet lots of new people and talk and experience a little bit of actual Tonga; its way way, way different then were I am at currently. I can't wait until I’m out in the field! Life will be awesome. March will be a really crazy month; we have people coming in and leaving and changes and it's all so crazy. I will be at the office for hours and hours this month. On the bright side, it has AC.
We did a cool service project today, which is why I have very little time to talk. We went to a part of the beach and cleaned up all the trash from it. It was a place where people would drive down and dump all the trash they had and just leave it. It was a total dump; I picked up like 4-5 bags just full of used diapers that had been sitting there for like a year! Man, that stunk. I also got roasted!! The sunscreen was not effective!
Spiritual experience for the week: Well, we planned a really awesome thing with our investigator from Wales. We are going to do a thing with a family who is working on getting sealed. We will go over there and make some Tongan food then have a family home evening. We prayerfully studied about what we wanted to talk about and during our planning session; we fit it all together and made this awesome plan. I could very clearly feel the spirit and I feel like this will be really good! We will anticipate changes from God, but it's His will we want to do, not ours. So that's totally fine! I have a lot of faith and I’m excited to do this!


Elder Sitaki

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