Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 21: Office- I've had a really good week

So Hello, or Malo e lelei, or Malo 'etau lava,

 I've had a really good week! I actually had lots of people to teach. And I think I will have my first baptism next week. It’s good to know I’m doing something productive. So there was a guy who came to church with a member that he is working for. The member pays this guy and another guy with food for their families in return for work. I think he gives pretty generously to them too, which is always good. We met the first guy (A) at church where we taught the first lesson. We set up to come back Tuesday at 5. When we went there, we met his friend (F) who was working with A. We invited him to join the lesson too and we taught the Plan of salvation. It was really nice because the member joined and was able to explain the parts we couldn't. The language is really tough for me sometimes. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about our message. F seemed really excited about it; we came back the next day and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, which they both liked again a lot. We invited them to be baptized on March 5th, and they both said yes and were excited. I'm shocked at how easily they accepted it. I think they are pretty humble due to their circumstances. We came the next day and taught about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. They both have a smoking problem, but they said they are willing to change to be baptized. When I asked if they had both told their wives, they responded in the negative. A’s wife is already baptized and won't have a problem with it, but the wife of F, her family is of another church and they are really strong and he doesn't want to tell her incase she and her parents get mad. I told him he had to talk to her about it and get permission; I told him how families are really important and we won't baptize him until his wife gives consent. I talked about how we don't want to split families; and we won't. He understood and said he would try to talk to her on Saturday, and then report on Sunday about his efforts. I'm praying my butt off about him and our other investigators. But yeah I’m excited!
I have another investigator named E; he's super awesome! We were supposed to baptize him on Friday, but his parents said no. He's a student at Liahona High School; he is the most awesome guy ever. He belongs his parent’s church, which is the United Church of God. It’s like a seventh day Adventist, so he doesn't eat pork and does the Sabbath on Saturday. He has amazing standards and is great to get along with. He even has better standards then a lot of church members I know! He's been going to seminary for 4 years and already knows all the doctrine in the lessons we taught, we quickly reviewed with him. We asked him to pray about the church, and he did and has been feeling really good at about it. He was really excited, but when he asked his parents they said no. They said they wanted to talk about it on Saturday though. Hopefully they will listen to what he wants and let him decide. I am praying for him too!
We also taught someone who was of the Hindu faith. He came from Fiji, and his parents are from India. Something interesting that happened this week was that we went to our friend from Wales house this morning and supported him while he watched the Rugby tournament in Europe. He insisted that we wear Welsh colors, so we came and had some fun; made pancakes and that kinda stuff. That's all I really got. I love wearing skirts. The language is slowly getting better. I kinda just try to talk and say stuff and hope they understand. I don't really think about doing to correctly, hopefully being brave will help me =)

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitake

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