Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 16: Office- Ta'elata

All right my Family and Friends,

I got some news to share with you. I'm going to break down the week as it happened. So to begin, we had stake conference. We went to the Saturday evening session and I can proudly say I heard Elder Tukuafu, (the Tongan Area 70) very clearly, say in English- laser. He said it was a new word he learned in English and talked about having "laser focus”. This is relevant because my dad always tells us when we speak in church to put some funny word in, and laser has never been used before. I was quite excited when I heard this. The next day we had the regular stake conference and there was a kid's choir, which was really awesome. They were as good as the ward choir back home; all primary kids. They would harmonize and everything. It was really quite cool.
At one point this week I was really ta'elata, which means homesick or not content. I was all doubting and kind of frustrated, but then it all changed. We visited a family that we had challenged to find an investigator. When we challenged them, they were kind of noncommittal and not very excited and I didn't have much hope that they would try hard to find someone. We bore testimony about the power of prayer and asked them to pray for someone to find. When we visited them they were very excited to talk to us and we found out they had prayed and looked for someone and they found 2 people who they could work to and they were both very, very good opportunities to share the gospel with. They remembered it was because they had prayed and they remembered our testimony and it really warmed my heart when I saw that and it made me feel way better about being here and I wasn't ta'elata anymore. I love helping people come closer to God and that is the greatest blessing I could get.
Another great blessing we had was the opportunity to serve people. This week a lot of sickness went around and got some people. We were asked twice to give blessings to sick people. I have a lot of faith in a healing blessing, so it was pretty big to me. I was able to do one of them and I remember afterwards just feeling so good inside and I have no doubt that the person will recover.  It really strengthens my testimony of why I am here and what I am doing. The person had the chikungunya virus or whatever the thing Bailey had. It's all over the place and I’m not excited to get it. Mosquitoes love me so it’s only a matter of time.
Another awesome experience I had was a pretty simple one. We had a lesson at 10am one day so we went there right after our personal study. During person study I tried to figure out what we needed to talk about. I distinctly felt that it was important to talk about the priesthood authority. When we went to the lesson, the guy had read all that we assigned, and more. He had a ton of really good questions, and the priesthood and authority came up in at least 7 out of 8 questions. There is no way I can call that pure luck. It’s so awesome to be able to receive revelation and see it work out how it should. It was exactly what we needed to talk about. Man, I love this so much.
So kind of a quick note, this week I got stressed out a lot doing office work. I think I’m taking over the office this next transfer, so I’m preparing as much as I can to do it. I make a lot of mistakes however and it’s really frustrating; hopefully by the end of the office I’ll be a pro and don't have to worry about stuff like that.
Last, is the big news this week. So what happened was, the AP's were doing a zone conference in Ha'apai (one of the groups of islands) and the president was doing the other zone conference in 'Eua (island right next to Tonga). We had a storm this week; the weather was kind of bad. The AP's were driving across a land bridge in Ha'apai and they asked a police officer if it was okay to drive across because of the waves. The guy said yes, but since the car was low to the ground they would have to get out and move rocks that had washed in the road. They drove halfway across and got to the rocks and 3 elders got out and started moving them. Then a huge wave came and pushed the car and the 3 elders to one side. Two move waves came and the car was halfway into the ocean. All of the elders bailed and ran back to the shore but one of the elders broke his leg when the wave smashed him against a rock. He's going to have to get surgery for his leg and so he's flying out soon. This was way bad and it really sucks. Everyone else is fine and the elder will be fine; the car is trashed. Anyways that's the big thing this week. President got stuck on 'Eua due to bad weather and will arrive today.
There is also a mysterious rash going around Tonga, Old people, young people, male, female and Tongan and white are all getting it. I think it's from the mosquitoes, it stays and is itchy and red and puffy for a week, then goes away. It's not contagious and our mission doctor doesn't know what to think about it. I got it this morning; hopefully it's not too bad. I got some pills to take the itching away, but there's something fun to think about.


Elder Sitaki

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