Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 18: Office- Two new investigators


I am here to report to you this week. Lots of stuff has happened this week and it's been quite a lot of change for me. I will do my best to describe said changes. First off, we received 2 new investigators; they are really awesome and really prepared. One is a Tongan guy who's 19 and attending Liahona High school for his last year. He's really cool and lives really good standards but his and family’s religion is a big part of his life and he's not sure about changing. I really hope I can bless their lives more than they know is possible. The other investigator is kind of an odd ball here in Tonga; it's a man from Wales, yes, like the UK Wales. He's 24, not married and just finished dental school. He wanted to kind of travel around and experience the word, so he did some traveling then offered to serve in the LDS humanitarian dental clinic here in Liahona. They see people for absolutely free and do dental work. He serves with a senior couple from West Virginia. He's really cool and very open to talk about anything and he loves to try new stuff. He's pretty much willing to experiment with anything and isn't afraid of new stuff. He's been very interested in the LDS religion; he himself doesn't believe in God, but he said he would try praying and give it a go. He speaks Welsh and England and he has a sweet accent. He said the only Mormon he knows in Brandon Flowers from the Killers. He saw them in Poland he says. I'm very excited about talking to him and I think this is the most unique opportunity to teach someone. He lives halfway across the world and now he's here, and he's listening to the message of truth. I'm very excited. Plus, I can be like my dad and baptize a euro!
On the other side, this week has been very difficult and frustrating. I took over the office on Wednesday and I got a new companion Tuesday night. He's a Tongan from Salt Lake; he's really cool and very good at becoming friends with the members and getting close to them. However, he is not a fan of office work. In fact, I think he quite doesn't like it at all. He was only supposed to be with me for a week but now President said maybe 2 weeks. So let’s see where that goes. We get along well enough; we are very different, but we have a connection because we both did concrete work before our mission and we know a lot of the same stuff. The problem though is I don't have the time to teach him all the office stuff and there is a LOT of stuff to do. I've had to pull a couple late days and work lots of hours and deal with lots of stress. It’s a good challenge, but I don't want to fall behind and fail and it's been kicking my butt a little. I've had to do things I’ve never done before, and neither has any officer elders and I don't have room to learn, so yeah. Kind of just going about my life. I guess if something happens I’ll fix it and see where it goes. My old companion went to Niua too, which is way cool. It's like to most rare island to go to, we only have 2 elders there at a time. I didn't eat any weird meat this week, pretty average. I don't have any pictures either. SORRY!
OFA ATU my friends,

Elder Sitaki

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