Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 31: Vava'u- Mother's Day

Dear Family,

So I guess I actually have time to give a really short condensed email. I’ll give a better updated next week, but this is what my week looked like.
Monday we did family home evening with this big family. The old father had a bunch of daughters who married and all the people lived in one place. There were enough people there to start a whole new branch; it was awesome. We went in guns blazing and did a good family home evening about agency.
Tuesday we had this epic rain/thunder/lightening/wind storm and I locked the keys inside so we wandered around completely soaked for hours until this guy got home and we could use his spare key.
          Wednesday we had a crazy spiritual day where we went to like everyone and sharing spiritual messages and taught; it was just an awesome day.
         Thursday was like half as awesome as Wednesday, kind of the same thing but it was crazy hot and I was dying of dehydration.
Friday was fun; I can't really remember what happened, I know we taught this old man who had only one leg. He was cool. He patiently listened to our message and understood it completely, just didn't believe it. We are going back to him today. 
Saturday we spent all day inviting people to Church; few came. First day I've had where I felt like we wasted a large part of the day. I felt bad.
Sunday I talked to my family and had a really frustrating lesson afterwards but I feel renewed to work and get stuff done and become a legend. That’s it.

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

A Molokau (centipede)-They are very poisonous.    

Where I was standing when my mom called for Mother's Day

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