Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 30: Vava'u- Let's Bring the Light!

Dear people,

We had a good experience this week and good one-liner that I delivered. We were out and it was almost time to return home, pretty dark, and we were coming back from this one house and we heard yelling and shouting and fighting and we kind of peaked and saw one of our investigators was fighting with his wife. We quickly went to someone else's house that was on our list and then came back and they were done fighting. My comp was saying that we shouldn't go there because it would be really awkward and they would end up being angry with us. He said that they were doing a work of darkness right now. I thought about all the things we could do instead and then, rather courageously said, if they are in the darkness, "...Then, let’s bring the light..." Booom!! That’s one for the history books! Haha, no, but really I think we did a good thing. We went in there and kinda just chilled for a little bit, talked to them, it came time for us to return home, (we only spent like 20 minutes in there) and so we said a prayer with them before we left. I think this had a good impact on them; they seemed happier and less tense. We came back the next night and when we asked them if there was something we could do to help; they said we could leave another blessing. So maybe we left a good memory. Great time to bring up the church.
The bad thing about this week was our numbers. So every week we report our numbers (baptisms, teachings, new investigators, people coming to sacrament, stuff like that) to the leaders and they report to the president. Our numbers sucked! I feel bad like I’m letting President down. We are working our tails off and going, always going to people, talking, sharing, but the progress is slow and I feel like I’m a disappointment even though I’m giving it my all. We set up some good stuff and I hope this next week will be a lot better. Always hoping! Maybe someday I’ll get there.
The other experience I have was also a good one. During a lesson with a less active member we followed up about the Book of Mormon we had given her to read. She had actually read! Yay! She read the first part and all the testimonies and had questions to boot! So happy! She said she read it because when we had talked about it she had felt a warm feeling! When she said that I was so happy! I did a little inner dance for joy. I mean this is just the best thing ever! The spirit is helping us with the work and we are doing our job! There is no greater JOY! 
The last thing I want to share is going to the sick and afflicted. We have made it routine to visit these old people that are crippled or handicapped or disabled in diverse ways. They kinda remind me of my sister, especially this 28 year old girl with Down syndrome, but seriously, going to them and making them smile and stuff in the best feeling ever. There is an old man who has some disease or whatever where his body is always shaking or trembling and he can barely talk. We share about how because of Jesus Christ he will be resurrected and just the smile was all I ever needed. One of our investigators is an old woman who lives alone and only has one leg. She wants to live with her husband and kids in heaven and so we have been teaching her how she can. We have to read to her because she can't see very well. It’s great fun. That's all I got.
Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

This is a boy who when we walk by calls us Jesus and asks where we are going and asks if we are going to heaven? It's hilarious; I taught him to salute us.

A giant bat some guy shot for dinner. They smell almost exactly like a skunk, but less potent.    

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