Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 29: Vava'u- Putting down the spiritual hammer

Dear people of earth,

So let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns ;) This week had some serious ups and downs, and not just the road! Haha (another joke)
          This week has been seriously challenging due to the language. On Tuesday I had this experience when I was sitting with my comp in the swamp talking to some old fart that spoke the weirdest Tongan I’ve ever heard and I didn't pick up a word of it, even when they were making fun of me. There were like 1 billion and 62 flies crawling everywhere! I had several fly into my mouth while I was breathing, they were stuck in my hair and down my shirt, eating my wounds and just being miserable. I sat there sweating like a long eared cow for two sucky hours and at the end I decided I was going to put down the spiritual hammer and learn this freaking language because I have never been so frustrated and miserable. I swore to myself that I would literally pull down the heavens to help me, this involved much prayer and study and I created a plan to learn the language. You want to know what God told me I had to do to learn? He said simple read the Book of Mormon in Tongan everyday and you'll learn. When I had that feeling I was like, really? That’s it? But I can truly testify that God will keep his promises and when I read from the Book of Mormon and try to feel the Spirit during the day I have consistently improved and understood more and more and been able to participate more and more. I'm still far from conquering the language, but I can truly say I have divine help with it.
This week I had some great experiences with giving priesthood blessings. The spirit is very evident when we give them and I have faith and confidence that we are using the power of God for the good of other people. My comp is kind of new and never knew we could do that and so now he offers it to everyone, I talked to him a little bit so we don't use it willy-nilly and be disrespectful, but yeah that is always a good part. We had a instance where we blessed this old man who was always shaking and really sick and last time I saw him he was able to actually speak kind of and he looked a lot better. Still didn't want to come to church, but hey, at least we helped him.
Another fun thing we did was go to zone conference with president. There was a lot of fun on the road there, Vava'u has lots of mountains and the guy taking us was hauling down and up them; it was pretty much a roller coaster. We were in a van with a bunch of other missionaries, there were two sisters, and one of them got major car sick and puked out the window, which was amusing. My comp got carsick but didn't puke. I thought it was super fun! It was all of Vava'u, so two zones. President started out by ripping us a new one, actually he wasn't very angry but he talked to us how the numbers we reported were really terrible and he had us all bear testimony and asked us if our testimony was really or fake, because the numbers showed that it was fake. I am making him sound really harsh, but it was an awesome meeting and after the call to repentance we had a lot of fun and I think it helped a lot. I got to do an interview, probably my last, with him. We made a lot of jokes and I really enjoyed working with him. I try to live worthy of his trust and I think I have been a better servant to the Lord because of him. We stayed there forever; it took our whole night because president did interviews afterwards so we didn't get back until 8:00 and we were starving so we found food then went home.
We had a cool thing we figured out during a comp study, we received an idea to use the first missionary lesson with candles, candles representing a prophet, then Jesus Christ, then the 12 apostles and then the new prophet and 12 apostles with the fire being the authority and priesthood of God. 
I had a bad experience when we went to a feeding. So the Tonga way is the Tongan people are always ready to give to people in need, like missionaries I guess. So we went to our feeding, (first the guy made a lot of jokes about me and I couldn't understand, but that happened everywhere so I guess it's not biggie) but then he took us to all the stores, basically door to door and told them that I was hungry and asked for food to give to us. It was really embarrassing and I was really uncomfortable, but my comp told me it was the Tongan way and no one was mad at me. I guess I should just get used to it; it happens everywhere anyways. 
I'm out of time and because there is only one computer my comp is just waiting for me. The two pictures are of a woman doing the lalanga (weaving that all women do in Vava'u) and me doing this thing to prepare the material to lalanga.

Elder Sitaki

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