Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 24: Office- Weird Thinking

Dear family,

So here I am again; nothing terrible exciting, but I will report regardless. This week went by pretty fast, and as far as I know, nothing went super bad during this transfer like it normally does. Sometimes I get really worried, but this one was pretty simple; I didn't have to do much. My stay in the office has an end, but I don't know when it is yet. Something interesting that happened is Sister T, (A Senior lady who worked in the office) got diagnosed with cancer and is on her way to America to receive treatment. To replace her and help out with the load, President called 2 more Elders to the office! So now I will party with Elder Ch, Elder Ca, and Elder G. 4 white guys all from the USA. I have high hopes that this will turn out to be fun, especially if we can play baseball! We’ve been experimenting with a stick and frozen breadfruit; seems to work okay and makes a really good sound when you hit it. 
Because I don't have any amazing information right now to share with you, I will share something that happens every week and it’s kinda amusing if you’re really bored. So every morning I wake up at 6:30 and do my exercise. On Sunday mornings I wake up at the same time, but I don't do my exercises. So from 6:30 to 7 when I get ready, I do something. I say “something”, but I’m not quite sure what I do. Most likely I pace with drool hanging out my mouth like some diseased Zombie. I would describe my mental state as my body being awake, but not my brain. It's like the early Saturday morning when you wake up in a tent after a good night of camping, you can see that it's light outside and you don't want to move because it's cold and too early, so your brain floats in some gray area where your awake but asleep at the same time. Your eye's see, but don't understand and don't care. That’s me during 6:30 to 7 every Sunday morning. I don't remember what I think about. But I’m sure its great.
Aside from my weird thinking, the work in my area is good. We find investigators; some are more willing to listen than others. We taught this one lady, she was described as a golden investigator so I was really excited. (She is about 25 I think?) I heard she has a kid and isn't married, but I’m not sure on that fact. She studies at the college here and wants to be a scientist. She studies chemistry and biology and she is big into experimenting to know the truth for herself (that's a golden trait). The other thing is that she believes the Bible is completely perfect, no flaws whatsoever, and by reading and believing what it teaches, everyone can be saved. (She also has a wonderful testimony about Jesus Christ and what he did for us). We taught the first lesson and we paid attention to the authority of the church. We wanted her to see that to be the true church, said church needs to have correct authority. If an ice-cream man pulls you over and demands you pay a speeding ticket to him, you would laugh. Same with the church, is a sinner says I’ll baptize the whole town and everyone will be saved, do you think that is legit? Anyways, so we talked about that and she understood and thought a lot about it. We then talked about how Joseph Smith restored the true authority and church and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She was super excited to read the Book of Mormon. We described it as an experiment, she can read and pray and see what God says about it. She told us she would memorize the entire Book of Mormon and tells us if it was true. I think she confused the word memorize, but maybe not. I don't know. I’m excited to find out though!
Last thing we did this week was we hung out a lot of days with M, our investigator from Wales. He's really awesome and very talented and we have a really good time at his house. We went to ward party with him and he totally just fit in. Work wise, he is kind of progressing. He says he understands why we do everything and all the commandments make sense, but it all hinges on whether or not God exists. I am trying everything I can think of to help him but the only thing I can think of that he doesn't want to live the standards and try it out. We don't receive a witness until after the trial of our faith right? I'll include a picture of the big pig we had at the party. But yeah he's a tough one. I’ll keep trying. That's about all I got. I love you all so much! 

P.S. I’m getting a ukulele!

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