Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 26: Office- April Fools!

Dear Family,

          I am very thankful for this opportunity to email you guys this week, A lot has happened and I’m a little rushed on time so I’ll get down to the nitty gritty details really quick. So something happened and I got in a lot of trouble. I basically gave some guy the keys to a mission vehicle, the mission credit card and a told him where the mission boat was. I got confused and thought it was okay, but it was NOT. I'm really busted and President is considering whether or not to send me home with church disciplinary action... I'm scared of out my mind and the only thing I can think of is: Just kidding. APRIL FOOLS! Haha! I had to do something! The best prank I pulled was stealing the other missionary’s pillows, which is hardly exciting.
Lets analyze this week's activities. We had a really awesome experience this week. I wrote a list of what our part was in this area, what we need to do to find investigators and work with other people. Then I wrote what God's part was, like if we are doing our part he will help with the rest. Then I wrote what I needed help with from God. When I looked at the list I was able to decide what we were doing not well and what we were doing good at. For example, learning the language, my part is trying to use it and putting in time to study it. And if I do that God will help me learn it faster than I would by myself, same with finding investigators. For our part, all we can do is go to members and ask for them to bring people, but we are working to set up activities they can invite people to and setting up dates for them to work towards and stuff like that. Well, we were going around doing our part, and what do you know, if we are doing our part, God will do the rest. We had this awesome experience. It was Wednesday and the youth were doing mutual in a field in the back. We were visiting a member and someone pulled up in a car and asked where the youth were. We said we'd show him so we hopped in the car and showed him where to go. What do ya know, he was a non-member guy. He had recently moved from New Zealand and his little brother was recently baptized. He didn't speak much Tongan so it was easy to talk because it was all in English. He was happy his little brother joined the church and would keep good standards and stuff like that. I started talking about church and we invited him to come; he was really interested because it is in English and not Tongan so he could understand and he said he would be there! Such a blessing!!! We were doing our part and God gave us what we needed. Just a testimony of the work, so happy! That was the crowning point of the week. Kind of simple, but exciting. 
A depressing point of the week happened when we found out one of our investigators can't met us again because she told her mom she was talking to the missionaries and her mom said it wasn't okay. Here in Tonga, the parents have control of the children until long after they are living away and married. A 30-year-old man is still loyal to parents as much as a 10-year-old boy is. You just respect your parents forever, which is great, except no one will listen to our message because stinking old farts won't let their kids find happiness! We have had 4 investigators now tell us that they can't listen anymore because of parents. It’s really frustrating.
The last part of the week I want to mention which was really awesome was when we did the baptism ordinance for the sister’s investigators. It was way spiritual; I got to baptize them in a skirt! Like what up! How many missionaries can say they baptized in a skirt. Haha! It was fun though; the guy that got baptized was awesome and solid as a rock!

Ofa lahi atu my friends and family,

Elder Sitaki

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