Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week 44: Vava'u- 100 years of missionaries in Tonga

Hey guys, girls and others,

So I am excited to write this email to y'alls. I’m going to try to express myself the best I can with the limited emailing time I have. After this email I am going the Governor’s, or Lord of Vava'u's house. He’s got a pool table and a cute daughter so we'll see what happens.
So this week I had a confidence honge... what the English for honge? Ummm... umm... oh yeah, umm... shortage? Famine? Kind of like that. I had a confidence shortage, I took a hit and really felt like I was not up to the task of being a missionary, much less a leader or anything. I just felt I couldn't ever be perfect enough to deserve God's help. But I learned a good lesson from the scriptures. My lesson starts and ends in the book of Jacob. So Jacob 4:10 and the beginning of 11. It says, roughly, don't try to counsel the Lord, but take counsel from His hand. Then verse 11 says be reconciled unto to through the atonement of Christ. So God says listen to Him, He really knows best, then the thing He says is to use the atonement. That’s your best bet. So I did some further reading and figured out how best I can use the atonement to change how I feel. Needless to say it worked, and I can personally (I have publicly) testified about taking counsel from the Lord’s hand, not trying to counsel Him. When we make excuses to God in our prayers we are trying to tell God how it is, when He really knows how it is and knows what to do. And He wants you to follow the atonement and it will make every wrong thing right. I don’t know, something I liked today.
Cool things that happened this week. So we had the 100-year celebration of the Tongan mission. It was a public holiday; we had two days of enormous feasting and watching cultural activities. We participated in a parade; I was in the lead with the other missionaries. We got to hear lots of really awesome people speak; we got to see the crown prince of Tonga and the King of Vava'u. Just a really awesome week. We also got to spend a lot more time with our Mission.
Sunday was a really awesome day, everything went to plan and we taught a bunch and committed a new person to baptism. They are really serious and I feel like they will go through with it. Sunday's are simply the best. I can't wait to go home and make sure no one is watching The Super Bowl and I’m going to rank on every breaking the Sabbath day, (just kidding). Yeah so I don't know what else to say, I teach the religion class every week at the high, so I’m basically a pro seminary teacher in Tongan.

Ofa atu!

Elder Sitaki

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