Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week 45: Vava'u- The entire island of Vava'u is out of gas

 Hey guys,

          Monday was an awesome day where we were on fire; we taught a bunch of people and gave out some goals for people to be baptized and we also were just having a lot of fun and doing a lot fun, good work.
Tuesday, correspondingly, sucked. We struggled to find work and everything fell through.
Wednesday we went to the island with some of our district leaders for a companion exchange. I went to my lovely home in Nuapapu. That was decent, there really wasn't any work to be done there, but it was chill hanging out on a tropical paradise. The important part was I tried to find someone to teach, even through there was no one.
Thursday we came back and had some fun on the boat. I'm getting pretty good at driving it. I saw whales; man those things are huge!!!! We saw four sperm whales chilling and playing around. We got maybe 30 meters away then they ran. But man, they are huge animals. We had this huge workday set up, like five lessons. Not a single one was able and I was super frustrated.
Then Friday, we wanted to go to the islands again for another companion exchange, but it didn't work out because the entire island of Vava'u is out of gas. We have a quarter tank left in our car, so I'm pretty scared. I don't know what to do when we run out of gas and don't have any more for the rest of the week. Hopefully nothing bad happens. So anyway, Friday we just went and chilled at the governor's house all day. It was pouring rain and we literally couldn't think of anything else to do. I learned how to get land out here in Tonga though, so I feel good about living here.
Saturday there were a lot of baptisms for other missionaries. None for us but we got to do the ordinances for the sisters. It was really special and spiritual and I loved it.
Sunday I had just an amazing day and we taught some really great lessons. Man, taking the sacrament is the best part of my week. It just doesn't get better than that.

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitake

A usual pig; eat that all the time    

A type of desert called faikakai; it looks like poop, but tastes like cake batter

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