Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 53: Kolonga- I left half my heart in Vava'u

Dear Family and Friends,

 I have a pretty good amount of information I want to communicate to you guys and I’ll try to make it interesting. A lot has changed these past few weeks. So after the infection in my neck, (that sucked) I went back to Vava'u, my island home where I will live again someday. I was able to convince the mission president to send me on the Vaka Tahi, which means the sea boat.  I took an 8-hour boat ride back to Vava’u; man, that boat ride was awesome. I went all by myself like a big boy, and had a really good time. I saw a bunch of whales, and made friends with this guy from Vava’u. He lives in Mataika and his whole family has joined the church including his parents, but he still doesn't want to join. I had a lot of long talks with him about the church and his beliefs and we became pretty good friends. I was really surprised though when I found out that I had already met two of his daughters and taught them about our church (what are the odds?) Anyway, I taught him some stuff about the temple because his wife had already passed away. I don't know if he believed in anything I said, but I hope something sunk deep. He was really interested in the temple and I hope I answered his questions well. I shared a lot about him being sealed to his wife.
 I finally got back into Vava’u (my home) and got picked up by the mission president's counselor, President Makai. He’s really awesome; I really love him and want to stay in contact with him.  I got back with my companion and we started to have a good ole time. He got a lot of stuff done while I was gone and we had a new investigator and he seemed pretty good. I was able to spend a week in Vava’u and it was really, really hot!! Man, like it was super humid. The good thing was the pineapples are starting to form, they won't be ready yet for another month or so but they look so good. I don't think the Americans know how good the pineapples in Vava’u are; it's literally candy. I’ve eaten 7 in a row before. The core is soft and sweet enough you eat that also. I was so flipping excited that I got to be in Vava’u during pineapple season (Nov-Feb). Then during a companion exchange, I got a call from President Makai. I found out I was going to be transferred with about ten other missionaries from Vava’u.... and how great was my sorrow.......... I cried.
There are a lot of amazing and beautiful things, members, places and people I was going to be leaving. Man I was so loto mamahi. So I got my last week in, then we (the other missionaries and I) prepared to get back on the boat (I reported that the boat was so awesome, so president decided to use the boat for transfers). We had our tearful goodbye, almost all the missionaries in Vava’u were at the wharf, and we set sail... I left half my heart in Vava’u.
           The boat ride on the other hand was super fun!!!! I had a great time there, made me feel better about leaving even though I still love it in Vava’u. On the boat ride I got to know some of the other missionaries really well and we had a good time. I got this great pictures of one of the sister missionaries throwing up on the boat... man if only I brought my cord to send pictures. We saw like a billion whales when we went on the boat. Every five minutes you'd see a couple of whales jumping out of the water and stuff; it was really cool. We also saw flying fish; they have wings and can literally fly a good 50 yards in the air; it's way cool. It’s more like gliding I guess. But anyways, on the boat we visited Haapai and I got off and went and walked around the wharf a little bit then got back on. We also saw an island group called Ha'afeva and Nomuka. Finally we made it to Tonga, we went to the mission office and waited out fate. I found out I was going to a placed called Kolonga. I was going to be comps with this guy from Tonga, named Elder M from Ha'ateiho; he's super nice and really funny.
Kolonga is awesome for missionary work. So the first full day we were in our town, we went to one of the bishop's and he said he had someone for us to teach. We went straight over there and met this girl who married a return missionary. They are super cool and we got right into the teaching and I think she's going to be baptized this week or next week. She’s progressing really fast and follows through on our commitments; she is really ready to be baptized. I think we are going to do it in the ocean, which is even better. Man this was such a shocker and so exciting to me, Vava’u is awesome, but the work is slow. Here is good and the work is awesome.  We met another investigator and set up their date to be baptized and it's really exciting. I’m determined to be the best missionary I can be because the field is white and ready to harvest. So I’m going to thrust my sickle in with all I’ve got. I’m so excited about the work and I really love it here. The work is literally the best part of the mission! I hope everyone can go on a mission and experience this. I’m going to visit people like crazy and make sure I’m exactly obedient, no more fooling around. It’s business time.
I guess my last comment actually is; if anyone loves missionaries, give the missionaries an investigator. Finding people is a really hard part of missionary work, and the members are literally the best way to do it. Be brave, give the missionaries someone to teach, use your home to help them. You will l make their day, week, month, and transfer if you help them out. The members here helped me out; please help your missionaries.

Ofa lahi atu,

Elder Sitaki

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