Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 95: Fahefa- I'll see you soon

July 30, 2017
Hey family,

Yeah, it’s really clicking down. I’m nervous. About what to bring, just bring candy. It will provide the most instant gratification. Also, if you have any old clothes for kids age 5-12 you could bring those. There are several little kids who wear the same clothes for days because they are so poor. If you can, that would be great. Especially little girl’s dresses, I have a special place in my heart for them.
I just got interviewed to receive my temple recommend for the next three months. So, I got a new Tongan one. Man, mom I’ll see you soon! I just can’t believe it. Hey, I got to get off, I don’t really have time to talk, but I will see you soon. I love you mom and dad. Tell Bailey and Jake, “Happy Birthday!”

Ofa atu!

Elder Sitaki

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