Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 94: Fahefa- My Birthday and singing Adelle

July 23, 2017

So, a couple updates: yeah, transfers came in. This is my last area, and my last hit me really hard last night when the zone leaders came over and told me. I just realized, this is the end. It doesn't help that my companion is constantly singing the Adele song from James Bond movie, Skyfall. He keeps singing the part: “This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten.” It gives me a lot of stress, but it's sad that this is the end of my mission life. I will not go to another place, I will not preach to other people. But at the same time is easy because I am comfortable here.
Other news, I was not able to get the pig. I asked this lady here to cook food for my birthday and it took most of the money for the rest of the food and I didn't want to make her pay for it. But I had someone make me a rocking cake; it was the most delicious thing ever, so that was great!!! I also got members to promise to make me a pig for when I finish.
I’m worried about coming home and going back to work. I don't want uncle Mark to waste money on me; I think I forgot how to do all my normal construction work. It's been a long time, plus Tongans are pro at red necking stuff with sticks and machete's. I don't know if I could follow building codes or any of that crap anymore. I don't want to be a liability, but I love working with Mark at the same time.
This week the work has been kind of blah. We are inviting tons of people and it feels like I am just waiting on everyone to use their agency, but they are really slow and not smart about using it. I have two people just waiting to be baptized, but they struggle greatly to come to church. I only have one transfer left so I am going to work the hardest I ever have. I am going to knock on EVERY single door and cleanse my blood from here. I love you guys!

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

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