Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 65: Niutoua- Cave adventure- Bad idea!


I can write today. So for my adventure I want to tell you guys about a little town on the east side of Tonga called Haveluliku. There is a cave there called Anahulu cave, and it's huge!!!! There is a place to go swimming and we went with a bunch of members but we didn't go swimming, we just looked around.  The cave goes so far back into the earth and it’s so dark, no light whatsoever. So, Elder S and I got the great idea of going exploring; we went for about 20 minutes then decided to go back, (this is like mountain climbing, it's super rocky inside) so we start going back and I took a wrong turn and we got lost for like 20 minutes. I have never felt so scared in my life. I still feel traumatized from it. When I realized I was lost and didn't know where to go I almost freaked out. Elder S was lost too, but we back tracked a little then found the way out. In the cave its super warm too, so like we were dripping with sweat and it's hard to breath and man I almost lost it. They said tons of people get lost there, so yeah. That was a fun, scary, bad P-day. But I’m definitely coming back with a date after the mission because the swimming pool is right near the front and it would be really cool! Oh, and the cave has no light so you need flash light and it's super dark. Elder S and I had one light and it wasn't very bright. Man, I think I’m going to have nightmares about getting lost; I don't think I’ll make the mistake of going exploring again.
Anyways, so I guess I’ll give you an update with the work. We have a woman ready for baptism; she's really cool, her husband is less active, but he came to church last week and I think he's going to come back. We are doing family home evening with them tonight and I’m going to teach them about the plan of salvation. The other thing I’m doing today is I am going to visit this little girl named A, she's super cool! She's eleven and super quiet. She lives with her dad at home because her mother left. They both come to church, but the little girl can't go to school because a couple of years ago she broke out with skin infections all over her body and they won’t go away and the doctors can't do anything. She is super cute and nice, but she just stays home all day and wears long sleeves so no one sees her infections. It's all over her arms and legs and body. Anyway, so I was going to visit her today and play checkers with her. I saw her yesterday and she was just so cute and I felt like she needs people to love her, so my comp and I are going to try to make her happy anyway we can. I think it’s something Christ would do. So my time is short, but here are some pictures of the cave.

 Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki 

PS: the cave is like a 10 minute walk from the beach rental house I told you about.

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