Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week 66: Niutoua- Its so hot here


So I finally got a chance to email. That's crazy about all the snow at home; I want to be there so bad. I love the snow and I’m over here dying from eat stroke because it's so freaking hot. The president even had me distribute boxes of water bottles to all the missionaries in my zone so they can stay hydrated.
But anyway, my abscess is getting better even with no antibiotics, just my good old immune system. It is already gone and all back to normal. It took forever to squeeze all the puss and crap out of that one, but I just did.
That's crazy that we are getting a new stake president at home again. I think I’ll go inactive if dad were chosen; the church will probably burn to the ground. Hahah, I’m just joking. Who is coming to redo the presidency? We have an apostle coming here next month; I have no idea who, but it will be awesome.

Ofa atu! I love you guys

Elder Sitaki

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