Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week 69: Niutoua- I'm still the Alpha brother

Hi Family,

Man, I’m dying to see what my nephew looks like. I hope he's not ugly like his dad (just kidding!!) I just have small infections all over my body, nothing big. Just pimple-like things, but nothing my body can't handle. I just had an abscess in my armpit, those are normal, but after about a week or two they go away and you don't worry about it. How’s Bailey doing? Is he having girl problems? If his problem having too many girls, that's a normal Stark issue. I’m scared I’m going to come back and Henry is going to be big and tough, I’m going to have to show him what a Tongan is made of so he can remember his place in the food chain. I’m still alpha of all the brothers, even with Bailey getting bigger. I’ve been lifting here in Tonga, so I’ll be doing just fine when it comes time to war! I’m also developing the Tongan pride so I can outmatch anyone.
It's dry and hot and humid and terrible here, but it's my last summer, so I’m all good. It just sucks when you’re fasting, because you’re walking down this killer hot road, just dying and people are offering cool watermelon and pineapple juice drinks and you just keep saying no.... Man, it sucks.
I have a couple investigators I’m working towards. We just baptized this one girl, she was pretty cool. She had been a member for a long time, but needed a membership record because they didn't know when she was baptized before, so we had to redo it. She knew everything, so it was super fast. We have another family we are working towards. The guy was a professional rugby player and is huge! His wife is from Vava'u, one of the towns I worked in, so that's fun! We already had one family home evening with them and taught a lesson and we have another today. We are also cooking in a big underground oven, so it’s more fun after our family home evening. We went to the bush a bit ago to get firewood for the oven. By the way, on Christmas this year we are cooking a pig on a spit. I already got a guy with a pig over in Idaho. It's going to be so good! You’re going to taste what real cooking is like. All smoky and oily... yum! It’ll be awesome!

Ofa Atu,

Elder Sitaki

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