Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 76: Niutoua- I'm bursting with joy!

March 20, 2017

Hello family,

            I have a lot of news this week. So first off, we had transfers and I have been in this area for three transfers and in this zone for four. I had really thought that it was time for me to move. But let me explain why. We have this family that we have worked so hard towards baptism. I love them so much; they are my favorite. Well, we got a call from a stake president in another area who said that they were going to be baptized in his stake on the other side of the island. That made me so sad and I was thinking that I just wanted to leave this area. But then when I was at the temple, I prayed about it and knew that everything was going to be alright. I tried to have faith in that, but it’s hard sometimes.
Anyway, when we got the transfer calls and I found out I was staying, and my comp, Elder Motuliki that I have been with since October was leaving. He’s such a great guy and I was a little upset. So, I got another companion, Elder Kau, and I am still zone leader. The funny thing is that Elder Kau was trained by Elder Motuliki and they are really similar. Elder Kau is really tall; he won the Mr. Tonga 2015 for being so buff. He’s the muscliest man I have ever seen. He super nice and smart and I really like being his companion, although I’ve only been with him for a few hours. After were finished all the transfer stuff, we cleaned the crap out of the house, did some laundry and then we went to the Bishop’s house to use the internet.
            So when we got to the Bishop’s house, he told me about the family that I mentioned earlier. He said that two of the girls were going to be baptized here! I was so excited, I didn’t even use the computer and just walked straight to the family’s house. The mother said that she wanted everyone to be baptized here. I could have cried with joy! It was such a miracle. I have repented of my complaining and I am so happy that I am still here in this area. And, while we were there, Elder Kau gave a message and you can just feel the Spirit when he teaches. It’s really powerful. So many blessings; I am bursting!
The other good news is that I was able to go to the temple with the man that I first baptized on my mission. It was awesome! He was sealed to his wife and children and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I have so many blessings right now. I love you guys and hope you have a good week.

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

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