Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 75: Niutoua- General P-day stuff

March 13, 2017

Dear Family,
            I have some good news this week. So, there was a man that I baptized in my first area last year and he is going to the temple on Friday and I get to go also. I taught and baptized him when I was companions with Elder Christiansen. I am so excited. Other than that, things are going well in my zone. Life’s just going along. My old companion, Elder Ortiz, is finished this transfer and going home. I’m sad to have him leave, but it will be good for him to go home and move on with his life. He’s a good friend and it seems like all the people I used to know are finishing.
            For P-day we did a bunch of laundry and then we are going to go to Navutoka to play some volleyball, cook a dog and just do general P-day stuff. Later tonight we are doing a family home evening with a family we are teaching. It’s a widow and her children. We are working with her because although she is ready to be baptized, she wants to wait until all her children are ready too. But, they are grown children and some of them don't want to. So, it’s a little challenging. She’s a really good lady.
            We have transfers this week, however, so I don’t know what will happen with that. So, on Sunday, I’ll find out if I’m moving and if not, I’ll find out when I need to drive around everyone else. Transfer days are really busy. I kind of think I’ll be transferred because I’ve been here so long, but the Lord is in charge, not me.
            So, one thing that happened this week is that we have a house across the street. A beautiful girl lives there. Supposedly no missionary has ever been brave enough to knock on that door because her dad is so scary. Well, my companion and I have a lot of audacity and we went and did service to clean up their entire yard. It was a ton of work. It took us like twelve hours. Two hours on Thursday and ten on Friday. We got in because we saw two women who were already there cleaning it up. They were both less active members. We stopped by and asked them if they needed any help and I was surprised that they said, yes. So, we did some hard labor in the sun, in our church clothes for two hours, dripping with sweat. We told them we could come back with four other guys the next day. The women were so happy! I got the four other elders in my district and we worked for ten hours, and worked hard! One of the women’s husband sent her with a pig for lunch so we killed it and roasted it over a fire until it was crispy and delicious. Man, that was such a hard day. It was like a hard Bricon day and my hands and feet were all torn up. Anyway, I have a lot of hope that we will soon we able to enter that house that no other missionary has been able to. We saw him sitting out front on Sunday and he invited us to eat, but we were heading to church. The other good thing that came out of that service was that one on the less active women came to church. Blessings!
            Another funny thing is that on a dare I shaved my legs. Like razored down and it’s weird. It’s definitely the first and last time I’ll ever do that. I lost all my beautiful hair. In Tonga, most girls don't shave their armpits; it took me a while to get to get used to it, but now it doesn't surprise me at all. We also had a really good meeting with the bishop here and he’s super happy because we told him that we’d do all of his home teaching for the ward. None of the members were really doing it, so we will. I think the bishop will help with our missionary work too.

Ofa Atu,

Elder Sitaki

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