Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 48: Vava'u- We accidently accepted a challenge


So I am going to report on this week. I had a pretty exciting week and it was really fun to read all the emails you guys wrote. I don't really know what happened this week to make me excited; it was kind of lame work wise. We didn't really get a lot done and not much seemed to work out, but it was just fun. I had good time with my companion; we get along really well and he's really fun to joke around with. Some of the fun things we did this week: we climbed the highest mountain in Vava'u, (Mounga Talau) three times. My comp and I wanted to see how fast we could run up it. So it’s not really a mountain, just a average hill; you drive to the base then climb this horrific staircase to the top. It starts off at a gentle climb, and then gets steep, but I can handle steep, the hard part is about half way through the staircase gets near vertical. If you stand flat on it, you feel as if you are going to fall backwards. Lots of people go up on their hands and knees. But no, my comp and I decided to be the boss and run up it. Well I have never climbed elevation that fast before. Man, it felt like the first period of a wrestling match. My whole body hurt; I ran up in one minute and 21 seconds. Afterwards my comp almost threw up and we just lay in the dirt for half an hour then went home, promising never to do that again. So the next day, we accidently accepted a challenge to run up the thing again, so we raced the other elders. I ran it in 43.5 seconds. The other elder ran in 42.0 seconds. So not only was I in a lot of pain, I had to buy ice cream. It really sucked.
This week we had Stake Conference with a member of the Seventy from Samoa. He was really cool and really funny and he would always talk faster than his translator; the translator would never finish his sentences. But he gave a lot of really good talks and I started to get this hope for the work, I feel like it’s possible we could be organized and get a lot of work done. We are working right now to turn one of my branches to a ward. I think I’ll be able to be here when it happens. I’m not sure if the form has already been sent, but we will see. We are working to help them get a convert baptism so the leadership will see that they can do work.
In my areas, (I was reduced to a ward and a branch) there have been missionaries for years. All the non-members know every missionary that has been here for the past 5 years. So it's really hard to think of new things and do the right things to convert these people who have been preached to many, many times. But I have hope we can listen to the Spirit and get some stuff done. We must listen to the Spirit; nothing else will let us know the right thing to change these people. I love you all!!

Ofa atu!

Elder Sitaki

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