Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 50: Vava'u- A Huge Abscess!

Hey guys,

I know it's been a little while since I emailed. I was really busy and Vava'u doesn't fare very well in the reliable Internet sector, so sometimes I can email and sometimes I can't. But President is really awesome and he told us we have to email our mothers/family, so if we don't get the chance, he gives us an opportunity to do it.   
A huge abscess in my neck occupied most of this week. I got a really bad infection and it got huge. For about a week my neck was so swollen I couldn't turn my head and sleep was a nightmare. I got very little rest and I would also randomly get terrible headaches and I was sick a lot. I got it lanced in Vava’u, lost a ton of goop, but it came back and got worse, so they flew me into Tonga to get medical treatment. I got it all squeezed out (no numbing what so ever) then bandaged. It continued to cause problems, so the next day the doctor (still no numbing) sliced it open and drained all the stuff out. The missionaries watching the operation described it as a fire hydrant. He then shoved it full of gauze (very painful) and gave me some heavy pills. I take 3 at a time and I believe it's the most powerful antibiotic in pill form he has. He says if it doesn't work he is going to inject me with antibiotics. So that's life; it's really exciting. I have another boil on my leg, which is doing better; it's not nearly as bad. But now I’m good!!!!  Just lots of bandages and pills.
Another big thing was last Monday we had our zone P-day! I organized a huge water balloon fight at the stake center and it was super fun! Man, I love water balloons. We had almost everyone participate. That was fun. The mission president came up to Vava’u for a big meeting. It was really cool and he set up some cools stuff. He said if we get a certain number of baptisms, he would fly us to the temple. So there is a lot more incentive I guess, but I really am excited to work with him and change my zone. I want us to succeed, and I’m ready to change it. 
Work wise, we got some new investigators and some new people to talk to. The branch president in the town of Utui is doing a lot of work with us and helping a lot; I’m really excited to see if we can get some stuff going. Well yeah, that's about it. I know stuff happened, but I’m tired and hungry and technically post operation, so I am going to cut off there. I’ll include some gross pictures.

Ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

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