Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 56: Kolonga- Two baptisms!

Hey family, and friends and loved ones,

So this is my chance to report about my week and let y'alls know how it's been. Since I wasn't able to send an email last week, I’m fixing to send a good one this week. (Hopefully) 
 Work wise this week was pretty good. We prepared four people to be baptized and two of them worked out. One of them wasn't able to quit smoking and drinking and I think she needs a lot more help. Anyway, she's not ready to make any covenants, the other person who didn't work out is this little girl named F and she is my favorite. I love to teach her and talk to her; she's 11 and super smart and really good natured and mature. She was doing awesome and ready to be baptized and on the day of the baptism the bishop sent her to her house to go get changed. The parents decided to be difficult and took the girl to a different town and they went to go visit some family. They already said we could teach and baptize this little girl and most of their children have already been baptized. We are planning and doing the baptism next week though and it will all be okay. 
For good news, the two people who were baptized were really awesome and I’m really happy they got baptized and confirmed. The first one is a little girl named T; she's nine and super super funny.  She learns quickly and is always super happy! I love teaching her because we have a lot of fun with it. I give high fives maybe 10-30 times per lesson. We teach her and her little sister named A who's six. Man, they are the funniest two little girls ever. One time we asked A if she could respect boys and straight out she said "No" with a little giggle like it was a stupid question. We then asked T if she could respect boys and A whispered to T "no" so T would say no too. We were all dying laughing. After we baptized T she came up and asked me if we can keep coming over and teaching her, but no more baptizing, because it was really cold. It was really cute.
The other person we baptized was a 14-year-old girl named S, she's really cool, kind of quiet but really funny when you get to know her. We joke around a lot and she loves to play basketball and sports and what not. She hangs around with all the Mormon kids and was really happy to be baptized.  So yeah that was my week. 

I love you all, ofa lahi atu,

Elder Sitaki

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