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Tongan Beach

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 81: Niutoua- Answers to Prayers

April 23, 2017

Hey Family,

Thanks for the email. So, since I emailed you last there has been a big event that occurred and I will talk about it, but first, I love you too!
So, what happened was stake conference. We had a member of the Seventy come; it was just an area Seventy and his name was Elder David J. Thompson from New Zealand, and he was awesome. He has a great spirit and he knows even more importantly how to listen to the spirit. I got to listen to him five times this weekend and he answered prayers every single time. He was very humble and willing to help and he even gave me a prophesy.
Going to conference I had two questions: first was how can I get the Christ-like love to love my companion, second was what do I need to know to improve? The first opportunity I got to listen to him was on Saturday afternoon when he spoke to the priesthood about the bearing the priesthood. I learned how missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ, and we must bear his name by our actions and our words. It was promised to the members that when they invite the missionaries into their houses it was the same as inviting Jesus Christ. I felt that to have someone promised that, then I need the same characteristics as Christ. That was a little bit of call to repentance, especially about when he talked about Christ-like love. Elder Thompson also explained how every priesthood holder should represent him. He also talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit.
The second chance I got to hear from him was the Saturday evening adult session, where he talked almost entirely about missionary work, and how the members need do it and all sorts of stuff. Again, he mentioned about Christ-like love and how we must love our friends enough to help them.
The third time we got to hear from him was the Sunday morning session. He talked about missionary work, and other stuff. The part that stuck out to me was when he told us to look at the book, Preach My Gospel (he even said it was for missionaries, but it was useful for everyone) and look at chapter 6, which talks about Christ-like attributes and he again mentioned Christ-like love and talked about it. But this meeting had a different thing to it. So, we had arrived with about 3 minutes to spare, we were kind of late. We were late because of my companion.... and during the meeting I had a feeling that I was going to speak (just a feeling) so I prepared something to say, but Elder Thompson never called me. So, I was fine and content just listening, but after the meeting we saw the mission president who spoke during the meeting. He told us he was not very happy with us. Elder Thompson had arrived with the mission president 20 minutes before the meeting and he asked the mission president where I was. He was going to have me speak and I was late, so the he called on someone else to speak. After that, the Seventy came up and talked to me and said the same thing, (he said it nicely and didn't point out I was late) but said he was going to have me speak, but didn't see me, so he chose someone else. I was ROYALLY pissed. I had the opportunity to help the entire stake do missionary work with this new way that I believe was revealed to me, and I missed it because my comp was late making sure he looked good... plus the mission president was mad at us for being late and embarrassing the mission. So yeah. I was ready like 2.5 hours before the conference but my companion was not. 
Then the fourth time I got to hear from him was at the meal. After the conference the 70 and the stake presidency and the people who are important like the temple president and mission president went to the stake high council room and we had a big eating. During meals, usually people stand up and do toasts, or little talks where they say thank you and share a story or a little message. When Elder Thompson stood up he just started teaching all of us. He taught about how we need to love people and forget about their past mistakes, they are like poison. Then he said we need to forgive and forget, move on, look towards the future, see the potential in people. This was really helpful to me with my companion. He also gave me a little prophesy I’ll talk about in a sec.
The fifth time to hear from the 70 was after our feast. I asked him if he would be free later and he said yes. So, we met with him at a hotel and for an hour basically had a little questions and answer session and he taught us all sorts of stuff. I need to go, so I don't have time to finish the email, but it was amazing. Plus, we saw a couple of miracles that night. But yeah, that's all.

 I love you guys, ofa atu,

Elder Sitaki

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