Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 85: Fahefa- Nothing Big Happening

May 21, 2017


So, I have a quick chance to email you guys. Hopefully you weren’t waiting too long. I don't really have a chance to chat back and forth. How are you guys doing? It was really good to talk to you all last week for Mother’s Day. I'm doing good here. The work in Fahefa is still slow, but it is getting better. I am starting to see some signs.
 I planted a garden at my house, but I will finish my work before any of the crops are ready to harvest. I think that is a sign that I will plant a lot of stuff in this town, but I won't be the one to harvest. That’s okay, I’m going to try really hard to get the ward alive and I have a goal of getting at least one baptism. They haven't had one since last year so maybe I can help with that. Other than things are just going along fine. We have a house in my area that is super fun to visit; we are like part of the family there. We go there almost every night and make hot chocolate, which is super fun. We just play with the kids or chat with the parents. It's going to be one of those houses I remember really well. But yeah, that's my week, nothing big happening. I love you .

Ofa atu,

          Elder Sitaki

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