Tongan Beach

Tongan Beach

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 89: Fahefa- I met Elder Kolipoki

June 18, 2017

Hey mom and dad,

I am super thankful for this opportunity to email you guys. I am here in Fahefa chilling with my new companion. His name is Elder L; he comes from Herriman, Utah and he is super cool. He's a skinny, blond guy just like me, except I’m fat and tan now. Lol, I wish... but I am definitely fat. He really likes it here and loves to work. Hopefully I can make it a good time though. I tend to be a quiet person, but I think I can get myself to have fun with him.
So, big things that happened this week, Well I got a chance to eat giant bat again, that was delicious. Definitely a good experience. It was before I got my new companion though, so I need to try again so he can try it. Another big thing that happened was we got the chance to meet Elder Kolipoki or Elder Groberg from “The Other Side of Heaven.” He came here for his birthday with his wife and children and he spoke to all the missionaries and gave us some cool insights and told us all sorts of stories and it was really cool. We all got to shake his hand and stuff. I have a picture of him shaking my hand.
Another good thing is that we are getting tons of work. When my other companion left, and I started training we just started getting tons of work and it's super awesome. I love being here, I think we just started getting some blessings, but we already have a baptism set up for next week, so that's great, my son’s first baptism. Right now, I’m not super sure how to train my son; they didn't really tell me anything and I don't remember when I was trained. So yeah, I’m just going to try my best to teach him how to be a good missionary, how to be more obedient and stuff, plus teach him the language. I think he is going to be the one who kills me. I put a picture of my son in here.

Ofa atu!

Elder Sitaki

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